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The Centre for Muslim Wellbeing  has a vision of being a leading provider of services that builds flourishing individuals and vibrant communities in Victoria. It will do this by creating bridges that connect individuals to their neighbours, their community, and society. CMW will focus on prevention and early intervention, raising awareness of the issues of mental health and social isolation within community and ensuring community members have the support they need before they get to crisis.

CMW’s approach to achieving wellbeing is threefold:

• Building awareness and capacity within community
• Strengthening the capacity of mental health providers
• Conducting research and sharing evidence of “what works”

MISSION: (why we exist)

Advancing Partnerships to build Flourishing Individuals and Vibrant Communities.

VALUES: (how)

We respect, embrace and harness the constructive power of diversity to support individuals to reach their full potential and purpose.

VISION: (desired future)

Advance health, social and public welfare of Muslim and multicultural communities
in Australia and worldwide.

Board Members

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Business Case

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Why We Exist

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Our Logo

The Centre for Muslim Wellbeing is a community organisation that approaches the topic of Mental Health and Wellbeing from an Islamic perspective that is relevant to Muslims in Australia.

The Islamic perspective of Mental Health is a holistic approach that recognises the important role of community connections. The logo represents this community connection by taking a shape that represents a person with a healthy wellbeing, arms in the air and connecting with other similar individuals to create a ring (a centre) that draws its strength from the connections and creates a harmonious pattern, teal in colour.

As the individual shape rotates around the centre, they can also be seen as a M or a W, which is why one of each is highlighted in orange. The highlighted W is not connected which can be seen as joining the circle or letting go, an action that is catered for within the culture of CMW.


Connect with a strong network of individuals and organisations active in improving mental health in the multicultural and multifaith sector. Members will be provided with regular updates on issues relating to CMW and opportunities to participate in our events held throughout the year.

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