CMW Membership is for individuals and organisations that are active in mental health sector and are passionate about improving mental health and wellbeing in the multicultural and multifaith sector.
Connecting with a strong network of individuals and organisations active in improving the mental health in the multicultural and multifaith sector    
Creating opportunities for the organisations and leaders in Muslim communities to connect and build partnerships with other mental health and wellbeing providers directly allowing them to grow  organically. 
The opportunity to provide input and to inform program design and advocacy efforts. 
CMW members are able to utilise our independent communication channels, and to benefit from the services offered by CMW to advocate on their behalf and build their organisational and workforce capabilities. 
Full subscription to Centre for Muslim Wellbeing’s fortnightly e-newsletters, and an opportunity for advertisements and promotion through the bulletins. 
Access to information relating to the mental health sector including resources, tools and training.