Our Services

CMW’s services build understanding and capacity within community, as well as support key stakeholders serving the community to improve access, inclusion and delivery of services.
This includes the following:

Navigator Service

The CMW Navigator is someone who community members can call with questions and/or seek support in navigating the health and social service system,  including identifying and addressing barriers that may prevent timely access to care, answering key questions and referring community members on to appropriate and accredited service providers.

If you would like assistance in navigating the Health system please call
0472 668 010 or contact admin@cmw.org.au

Community Outreach

Workshops & Events

Our community outreach and education services deliver to community members workshops and information sessions in partnership with existing community organisations and through formal
and informal community leaders.

Training & Professional Development

Our training and professional development courses are designed to build awareness, knowledge and capacity of mental health sector organisations to deliver culturally responsive support services to the Muslim community; and enhance service providers access to and inclusion of the Muslim community at an organisational level.

Seek Help

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