Be Well

Be-Well’, a video series featuring insights, resources and coping skills from leading wellbeing practitioners, users and community influencers that are part of the growing CMW Network to support you and your family through these uncertain times and hosted by Monique Toohey.

Curious without being Judgemental a conversation exploring Eating Disorders with Myah Turner-Revach, a telehealth counsellor from Eating Disorders Victoria. This discussion encompasses identifying warning signs, avenues for treatment, and the diagnostic process.

A conversation with Hanan Dover, an entrepreneur, advocate and leading mental health practitioner. Exploring Islamic Psychology and being an anointed rebel within the profession and striving to make a difference.

Eudoaimonia – You don’t know how badly you want it and it is likely you are even wondering what it is?

Exploring positive psychotherapy and strength based resilience.

Dr. Tayyab Rashid is a clinical psychologist and a senior lecturer at the Centre for Wellbeing Science, University of Melbourne. Dr. Rashid is also a faculty associate with the Human Flourishing Program, Harvard University, and VIA Institute on Character. For more than 15 years, Dr. Rashid has worked with individuals experiencing complex mental health issues including severe depression, debilitating anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and suicidal behaviour. In addition to maintaining an active clinical practice. He is known for his work in the field of positive psychology, which is a branch of psychology that focuses on the positive aspects of human experience, such as happiness, well-being, and strengths. His book Positive Psychotherapy along with Martin Seligman, is considered the most comprehensive in the field and has been translated in several languages since its publication in late 2018.

One of Dr. Tayyab Rashid’s notable contributions to positive psychology is his work on the concept of “positive psychotherapy.” Positive psychotherapy is an approach that integrates traditional therapeutic techniques with positive psychology interventions to promote well-being and resilience in individuals.

You can find out more about his work here:

Exploring Art Therapy

Be Well Series with psychologist Monique Toohey and Reeham Hakem from Artery Therapeutic Arts exploring Art Therapy

Exploring Suicide and Men’s Mental Health

June 12-18th marks Men’s Mental Health Week, with this in mind today’s Be Well with Ziyad Serhan and psychologist Monique Toohey discuss Exploring Suicide Intervention and Mental Health

Coping with Tragedy

Disastrous and devasting events, especially those events that are unpredicted, are the spawning ground for psychological trauma.In light of the recent tragedies in Turkiye and Syria, this Be Well focused on coping with tragedy with guest and psychologist Toltu Tufa.

Mad, Bad or Sad? – Emotional Health and Neuropsychiatry
The tenth episode of our ‘Be Well’, series hosted by Monique Toohey from Nasihah Consulting
This week, Monique talks to Dr. Omar Shareef, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Senior Lecturer in JCU, QLD. He is the Vice President of IMAQ -Islamic medical association of Queensland and is also a board member of Tropical brain and mind foundation.
A great discussion that explores Emotional Health, the role of a neuropsychiatrist in treating neurodegenerative conditions and community based mental health programs

Living Well with Cancer

The ninth episode of our ‘Be Well’, series hosted by Monique Toohey from Nasihah Consulting.⁠
⁠This week, Monique talks to Dr Steve Ellen, Head of Psychiatry at Peter Mac. He is a broadcaster on 3RRR, a weekly regular on ABC 774 and a frequent contributor to the Conversation and the Age
A great discussion that covers mental health of a patient who has told they have cancer, men’s mental health, coping strategies for men and anxiety, what has improved in the field, cultural appropriate services, as well as his wish list for the future.

Impact of Racism and Islamophobia on Mental Health

This is our eighth episode of our ‘Be Well’, series hosted by Monique Toohey from Nasihah Consulting.⁠
⁠This week, Monique talks to Mariam Veiszadeh from the Islamophobia Register covering topics such as who is impacted by Islamophobia, the stigma of seeking help, cultural awareness of psychologists in the field, resources available to the community and what brings us hope that things are changing.

Carers and Caring for the Carers

⁠Our seventh episode of our ‘Be Well’, series hosted by Monique Toohey from Nasihah Consulting.⁠
⁠This week, Monique talks to Dr Sara Hassan about her own personal journey of caring for her daughter with Autism.
A great discussion that covers community opinions, her own coping methods and some great suggestions for our community in moving forward into Ramadan.

An Exploration into Forensic Psychology, the justice system and cultural safety

⁠Our sixth episode of our ‘Be Well’, series hosted by Monique Toohey from Nasihah Consulting.⁠ This week, Monique talks to Dr Shaymaa Elkadi, Executive Director of Strategy Planning and Performance at Forensicare about neuropsychology and the mental health system, its response and interventions to first nations people and culturally and linguistically diverse communities⁠

Islamic Psychology
Dr Abdallah Rothman Islamic Psychology Researcher
During this episode of our Be Well series, Monique Toohey talks with Dr Abdallah Rothman about “Islamic Psychology”. An in-depth discussion on Islamic Psychology where you will see that Muslims aren’t joining the discussion on Mental Health, but actually started it.
Islamic Psychology

During this episode of our Be Well series, Monique Toohey continues her discussion with Dr Abdallah Rothman about “Islamic Psychology”.
In this section, Dr Rothman answers questions such as:
What are the challenges Muslims are facing in this space?
What does Islamic Psychology look like?
How did the Prophet (pbuh) give nasiha?
What areas are evolving from your work?

Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

Be Well series. Monique Toohey talks with Dr Nandi Abdalla about “Culturally Informed Perinatal and infant mental health”. Fascinating topic and guest. Please ask any questions in our comments and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

Sustainable Leadership with Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim

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