Palestine Response

CMW stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their pursuit of fundamental rights, justice, and a peaceful resolution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We believe in the importance of upholding the principles of international law, human rights, and the right to self-determination for all peoples.

To address the psycho-spiritual needs of Muslims affected by the news and sentiments surrounding the situations in Palestine and Gaza and provide spaces for discussion and healing. We are excited to launch the “Shifa Project”, a sanctuary for healing, coping, connection, and support. Derived from Al-Shifa Hospital, a beacon of resilience and hope in Gaza providing healing and safety, the name “Shifa” embodies both physical healing and the deeper, spiritual tranquillity that so many seek during these challenging times.

The Shifa project is a collaboration between Muslim Mental Health Organisations and practitioners in NSW and Victoria.

We hope as the “Shifa Project” grows it will help to foster a sense of community, understanding, and renewed faith.

You can access the Shifa Project from our home page using the Palestine Response Link on our home page:

or using the following links below:

Website: or click on the image



We strive to provide support, healing, understanding, and compassion for those affected by these global events. By taking proactive steps to care for the mental well-being of our community, we can build a stronger, more resilient community that thrives, even in the face of adversity.


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